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Love of Writing & Literature
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Mondays 10:30am - 12pm
Ages 8-12/Grades 3-5

Students will explore their own voice through writing and develop a love and appreciation for the written word as they participate in fun and peer-collaborative projects.  Writing types include Expository (teach the class how to do something simple in just 5 steps), Informational/Research (gather information about a topic that interests them, through interviewing a family member or friend and create a mini-presentation), Descriptive (details, details, details), Response to Literature (write a reflection about a story you love), Narrative (make up a creative story or write an alternative ending to an existing story), Poetry (read fun poems for kids and create crazy rhymes and personal poetry), Persuasive (create a travel ad to a real or fictional place), and Persuasive with Compare/Contrast (compare types of candy, choose "the best" candy and write about why it is the superior treat) . For each unit, students will connect a book they choice to connect writing and literary concepts.