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Wedenesdays @ 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Ages 14-18/Grades 9-12

This is a complete High School Chemistry course based in the NGSS standards! The teaching methodology is project based learning. This class will even include “at home labs” and super fun projects/activities where the students will learn about all the amazing reactions and interactions happening around them every minute of every day! The class will cover the standards of High School Physical Science based in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This includes everything from the Matter Properties & Changes, The Atom, Periodic Table, the Mole, Stoichiometry, etc. In addition to regular class instruction, there will be “at home” labs, where they will learn the scientific method and the standard format for lab write-ups. This takes the mystery out of how to report on the results of a lab and prepares them for college science courses.

The most important part of what we will be covering, in this course, is WHY YOUR STUDENT CARES ABOUT CHEMISTRY. You might think the last statement would be obvious. However, over the 20+ years of teaching, what I have discovered is lacking from most courses is how it directly relates to the students’ lives and future educational/professional goals. How many times have you heard the words, “I’ll never use __________ in life! Why am I learning it!” I make sure that each student understands, no matter what they end up doing in their life, Chemistry will help them comprehend how the world around them works. I make an effort to learn what those goals interests are, so I can be sure to point it out.

During this course we will have discussions on the topics (not lectures). There will usually be some slides and some notes for them to take. We will also have some quizzes, problem sets, and exams to encourage them to study. These will make great samples if you are working with a charter school in your area. There will also be lots of outside resources that will help your learner to understand the material according to their learning style. We try a multi prong attack of reading, visuals, videos, projects, and of course class time to be sure that each person understands the material. Each day will consist of going over the answers to the quiz or homework assignment from the week prior. This is where we will discuss and answer any remaining questions. Then we will have our discussion about the new science topics. Finally, depending on the day, we will also discuss any labs that they might have completed since our last session. The students will have a list of what we will cover each week that is sent out as students enroll in the class.