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Where you learn to play the best tabletop RPG,
Dungeon and Dragons!

Now Available on Outschool with
2 Amazing Classes!
Learn to Play & Create Amazing Characters
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Heroes Wanted!

Do you want to teach your kids to use their imagination, instead of sitting in front of a screen…then D&D is for you! Let us teach you how to play this incredible game as we run your friends and family through an epic adventure! Use creative thinking and problem solving to overcome incredible obstacles. On your journey, teamwork and helping each other is the only way to save the world. D&D develops many skills including basic math skills and reading comprehension. For advanced players, we can teach you to Dungeon Master!

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Excellent for Birthdays, Family Get Togethers, Zoom Fun, School Groups, & Much More!
All Ages Can Participate in Private Sessions!

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D&D Group Adventures
*This is a special session combining our two Outschool classes into one for the whole family!*

D&D Adventures is a class for 3-4 hours with up to 7 players, that teaches both how to play D&D. Each attendee will learn how to create and play a character of their choice. They will they use this character in a special adventure. They will learn every aspect of how to play D&D such as combat, exploration, social encounters, team work, puzzle solving, etc.
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Dungeon Masters
*Coming Soon to Outschool as well!*

For more advanced players, we teaching how to be a Dungeon Master. That way they will always be able to play because they will have the skill set to run the game. Many people know how to play, however most fear being the DM. This part of the instruction will give them the confidence to step over to the other side of the game and help guide the story the players are weaving with their actions. This will cover various skills such as Voice Acting, Role Playing, conflict resolution between players, etc.. We will also be discussing how to create your own story or "home-brew" teaching basic writing concepts.

This is a great activity for homeschool groups,
co-ops, or even families!
Fun for birthday parties.
Also available for after school programs.
Call or email to start your adventure today! or (858) 268-4011

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my kids learn D&D?
The first major important skill is team work. Players are working cooperatively and have to learn to communicate and plan their actions together. You either win together or lose together. Second, they will be learning the best and most popular table top RPG that is making a huge comeback! Finally, they will be learning to use their imagination and do cooperative story telling in a fun and interactive way.

What do they need to bring to class?
A pencil and their imagination! We will provide all materials. If they have and want to bring their own Players Handbook (PHB) or dice, they can! Just be sure to have it clearly labeled. Also, a water bottle and some snacks is encouraged,

What should they not bring?
NO ELECTRONICS AT ALL! This is a pencil and paper game. The only electronics that should be in the room will be used by the instructors. At the end of the session, we will point them toward certain websites, such as, that can help them continue their journey, but for now we are going old school!

How much does it cost and what is included?
It cost $320 for up to 7 people to play the 3-4 hour session. It covers pretty much everything. All the supplies and equipment to play D&D. We will bring the books, dice, character sheets, etc.. There are other things we offer to enhance your game/party please contact for pricing.