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Dungeons & Dragons - Learn, Play, & DM!
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Monday 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Ages 10-18/Grades 5-12
Huzzah Adventurers!

For the first time ever offered at SDLAA, Dungeons & Dragons - Learn, Play, and DM! This fun class is for new players and veterans a like. The goal of the class is to help those that are new to learn the ins and outs of the most popular Table Top Role Playing Game. For Veteran players, it will teach tips and tricks to make your gaming experience more vibrant, optimized, and immersive. For both, it is also a class where we train each student in the ways of the mighty Dungeon Master! We will also be doing projects such as mini painting, terrain building, and even improv acting! But we do it all thru PLAYING THE GAME!

Using the world wide official organizational play from Wizards of the Coast, known as Adventurers League, we will play D&D each time running thru different "one shot" adventures. However, in that context the students will receive some of the best training from Professional Dungeon Masters how to take their gaming experience to the next level! There will be training in how to be an amazing Player as well as an incredible Dungeon Master. Some of the amazing gaming topics to be covered are, character creation and optimization, voice modulation and voice acting, world building and story creation, etc.. All of which will be done by PLAYING THE GAME each and every day!

If you are unfamiliar about why your student should learn D&D here are some of the educational topics that are taught in this exciting class. First and foremost is creative thinking and problem solving. On your journey, teamwork and overcoming obstacles together is the only way to "WIN". D&D helps develop interpersonal skills in a safe and fun environment! The imagination is hard at work, creating stories and characters. When you play D&D you develop amazing creative writing skills and understand how stories are constructed. Everyone at the table becomes a "storyteller" helping to narrate how the events play out of the epic adventure. Reading comprehension and basic math skills are at the core of D&D and are essential to make the game run smoothly.

Join us for this fun year of adventures and activities playing the best role playing game in the world…Dungeons & Dragons!

Until our next encounter!

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